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, why one trader says boring is good when it comes to investing. a documentary takes us behind the scenes of a gm factory closure. and a trader's impression on alcoa's earnings. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's wednesday, october 10th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: earnings from alcoa and yum brands. first up alcoa. the aluminum company posted a loss, but still managed to top expectations. alcoa lowered its growth forcast to 6% from 7%. the company has $1.4 billion cash on hand. apparently there's a lot of money in chicken and tacos. yum brands, which owns kfc and taco bell, reported stronger-than- expected earings and raised its full-year guidance. meanwhile, tuesday was a down day on wall street. stocks and gold sold off on global economic concerns, while oil rallied. nhl talks could resume today between players and owners. the commissioner says major money issues are not on the agenda. and the cfo of best buy is leaving the company after 10 years on the job. todd h
the ball rolling for us this morning. good morning to you. there has been a lot of drama in oil lately. what is going on? > > i think there are concerns aboua global economic slowdown. the emerging market economies, brazil and china specifically, have suggested their economies are beginning to slow. and of course, the ongoing crisis in europe, as well as perhaps a 2%, 2.2% growth index year in the united states suggests that perhaps closer to $100 a barrel oil was a little bit overpriced. we do think, however, it is going to find equilibrium and support right around the $88-a-barrel level here, and i think the market will most likely keep in tune with what's taking place in the middle east as well. > > how critical will today's earnings be to your trading? we have j&j, goldman sachs, and intel all reporting in. what do you think here john? > > earnings have been coming out on the better side - citigroup on monday for sure, j.p. morgan late last week. so goldman's earnings should be pretty strong. goldman was up 4% in trading yesterday. our sense is this: not only are earnings coming in
news from the u.s. the nasdaq lost 2 points. much of that had to do with selling in in apple. apple lost nearly 8 dollars. jp morgan-chase is sued for fraud by the new york attorney general for its mortgage-backed securities. american express is paying $112 million to settle allegations that it illegally charged customers with late fees and used other deceptive practices. tails are wagging at petsmart. the company is leaving the nasdaq to join the s&p 500, pushing out sunoco. scott bauer of trading advantage has his eyes on the market for us today. good morning to you scott. > > good morning angie. > > it was a mixed market yesterday, with some mixed data coming in. what do you think was most important to the markets yesterday? > > honestly, we had that ism number that came out near the opening of the market, which, albeit not being a great number, was a better-than- expected number. but i really think the market had been set up for a little bit of a rally based on the news that had come out overnight on sunday night, out of china and out of spain. first off, out of china, their man
to use election year to make money! first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. october 5th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: you know the drill - it's the first friday of the month, making it a jobs friday. economists and traders expect up to 120,000 jobs were added in september and the unemployment rate will remain around 8.1%. ahead of the news, stocks and commodities rallied after jobless claims and factory orders came in better than predicted. a zynga sell off! the struggling social media game company cut its full-year outlook. shares dropped below $3. reports say at&t will sell nokia's new lumia smartphone. the national hockey league has cancelled all regular season games through october 24 as players and the league fail to reach a contract agreements. and schwab & amertride are reportedly closing some offices in the e.u. john brady of rj o'brien joins us now. john, jobs are on tap this morning. > > expectations are for non- farm payrolls in the month of september to reach plus 100,000, whi
. following last year's warm winter, some americans will get a sticker shock this year, especially those using heating oil. those bills are projected to rise 20%. lately the hot market has been cooling off. phillip streible of rjo futures joins us. good morning to you. what's your first impression of earnings? > > we've seen a lot of liquidation in the s&p 500 recently. investors are quite concerned about a slowdown in global growth, and also a slowdown in china. we saw alcoa start to come off here yesterday. there was concern that aluminum prices forecasted going forward would be a little bit lower because of that slowdown in china. > > coming up on friday we have financials in focus with wells fargo and j.p. morgan reporting in. can you see any positioning among traders on those stocks? > > i still think that traders are going to be a little bit more defensive. they're going to start looking at more defensive plays, looking at gold, looking at the u.s. dollar index or also treasuries. they believe that financials should continue a momentum lower, as we've seen over in european banking shares
grape harvest in half a century. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us this morning for a look at the market. larry, what is driving this market? > > right now it seems like it's not earnings, because we saw yesterday, ibm's earnings, they didn't do very well - down 5.5% in the stock, but yet the stock market still rallied. i think it's a broader focus. the european tail risk has gone away. u.s. and china numbers aren't great, but they're stabilizing. so i think people are getting their heads around the fact that things have perhaps bottomed out in the market. > > as you mentioned, ibm was a heavy weight on this market yesterday. could that continue on into today? > > it definitely could, and we'll see earnings coming out later. but right now i think the expectations are so low for the market, and i do believe that most people are looking past quarter three and maybe even quarter four, and i think more people are looking toward china and looking toward europe for where the market is going to go next, and not really on earnings per say. > > what about ge though? this sometimes c
could cost you 20 grand. plus....traders give us their vote on which way the market is leaning in the election. and.... what apple earnings reveal about ipads, iphones, and consumers.first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas good morning. it's friday, october 26. i'm angela miles. in today's first look traders will be talkin' tech today. apple missed on earnings, although revenue was strong. iphone sales were solid, while ipad sales were weak. pandora tripped the circuit breakers yesterday after bloomberg news reported apple is planning a radio service similar to pandora. the stock tumbled 11% in a 10 minute free fall. amazon was another downer last night. the tech company posted its first quarterly loss in 4 years. here's a bright spot. expedia stock soared 11% on better than expected earnings. that stock is up more than 70% this year. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring joins us now. what do you like in tech earnings that could actually move the market today? we had amazon announced last night and
. 500 chefs are asking the u.s. government to prevent unapproved fish from making it onto american plates. and the national average on a gallon of unleaded gasoline dipped 14 cents from last week. kevin craney of rjo futures joins us on this monday morning. good morning to you kevin. > > good morning. > > better-than-expected news about the economy came out in that gdp number on friday. will we see follow-through in the market today? > > i think you will see a little bit of follow-through. that number is really a feel- good number. 2% above expectations. but really i do think it's important to dig down into the details of that number - fixed investment and exports actually contracting. so, the question is how long can the consumer continue to spend and the government continue to spend and prop up the economy? so, i think that's something you have to watch. but yes, i do think we'll see a little follow-through today. > > how much of an effect do you think this storm that seems to be brewing out there, wicked whether this week, will affect the market? will it be rattled? > > the mode
continues to slide. tim mulholland of china-america capital joins us this morning. tim, what's behind the big drop in the market? > > i think there's concerns of global economic growth, and namely earnings have been disappointing, especially in the top-line growth side. there's been about 140 companies that have reported so far in the s&p 500. about 60% of them missed on revenue. so that adds concern on the earnings front as well as in the global economic growth front. > > and is that what is troubling oil as well, with that slide? > > that contributes too. materials were weak, the weakest part of the market sell- off, as well as the energy. and of course crude oil. but also remember the fact that iran is coming to the talks, nuclear talks, with the u.s., which i think also maybe took a little bit of the edge off of crude prices as well. > > the speculators. ...the alleged speculators. let's move on- > > you can't blame it on the speculators. > > it's just a lot of premium. they love the premium, let's put it that way. > > right, right, right. > > let's move on to china. what's an upd
dollars, while oil pumped up more than a dollar. a setback for apple today. a u.s. appeals court overturned a ban on the sale of samsung smartphones running on google's android system. chip-maker a.m.d. cut its forecast, sending shares down more than 5% last night. and it's bye-bye to refillable glass coke bottles. the last one rolled off the production line in minesota. let's get a trader's take on the day. larry shover of sfg alternatives is ready for this friday. good morning to you. > > good morning. > > yesterday, the market had quite a bounce off the jobless claims number, and then it fell apart throughout the session. what was going on there larry? > > i think traders looked through that number and realized it was the lowest in four years, but a lot of it had to do with one state's seasonable adjustment. so, i don't think traders were really bullish on that number, but just waiting to see what happens next month. > > jobs are jobs. let's move on to spain. there's a lot of pain there. that country is still deciding what's going to happen next with its debt crisis. > > right
generators and disaster recovery trailers to move into affected areas. authorities recommend people use text messaging rather than phoning or internet during large scale disasters. texting uses far less network capacity. several corporations are postponing earnings reports in the wake of hurrican sandy. among some notable companies that were supposed to report today pfizer, sirius xm radio, power plant company nrg, martha stewart living and avon are all waiting until later this week or even next week to report numbers. a number of potentially market moving events are cancelled in new york. new york federal reserve president william dudley has called off his speech today in connecticut. his remarks tend to be closely monitored because he's reportedly viewed as a close confidante of fed chair ben bernanke. facebook dropped plans for an engineering open house tuesday in new york... plus an event thursday at fao schwartz for facebook gifts- a feature allowing users to send gifts to friends. google cancelled its flashy android event in the big apple. but still revealed its nexus 10 tablet
the u.s. dollar be compred to the best house on a bad block? first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's monday, october 22nd. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: october is living up to its reputation as a wicked month. friday was the 25th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash, and history did not repeat itself. but as you can see on the screen, stocks took a beating in across-the-board selling by investors. it's round 3 - the final night of debates for the presidential candidates. tonight, president obama and gop contender mitt romney go toe-to-toe over foriegn policy. swiss voters plan to cast ballots on whether millionaires and billionaires from other countries should continue to get tax breaks while living there. and starbucks will open 2 more coffee shops in india this week, after opening its first shop last friday. what will today bring? everybody wants to know the answer to that question. ben lichtenstein of joins us on this monday morning. what a sell-off on fri
joins us now for a closer look at the trading day. good morning to you. will oil be the big story of the day today larry? > > it could be. keep in mind oil dropped over 3% yesterday. we found out the refinery margins are higher, inventories are at a 3-month high right now. i hate to break the news, but i don't think we're going to see oil going much lower from here. > > what about the stock market? it feels like stocks are at a standstill. > > right now the pain train seems to be going higher. new york stock exchange came out yesterday reporting that volumes are down 7% on a 3- month average. it's a convictionless market, but people have to put their money to work, and i think we're just ratcheting higher very slowly. > > how much will hewlett- packard's problems play into the trading today? the company's ceo meg whitman coming out and saying she sees 2013 as a fix- it kind of year. > > it's something that's contagious in earnings season, a big company like hewlett- packard saying something like that on the backs of what caterpillar said last week, i think that they're trying to s
of the adam mesh group is here to give us a trader's take on the big topics of the day. good morning to you. > > good morning to you. thanks for having me on. > > what are your observations so far on some of the tech earnings and earnings from banks as well coming in? > > i think the earnings picture has been fair. remember, we downgraded a lot of these earnings coming in, so the beats are coming on less-than- expected numbers to begin with. goldman sachs yesterday had good earnings, but the stock sold off late in the day. we're starting to see some of the other banks and financials sell off. last night intel came out with their earnings, and they beat way down. the stock was trading lower. ibm had a pretty big miss. so, whatever beats we're getting are beating on downgraded earnings. so it's really hard to take a range here. the market itself is really just churning back and forth in consolidation. nobody is running back up to the upper edge off a natural bounce off the support here. > > what about the election? is that holding up trading in any way here? > > no, what's holding up trading
is the creator of "star wars." tres knippa of kanai capital management joins us this morning. good morning. at last, a trading day for you there. tres, i wonder, what's the trade that you're really aching to get in. what do you think will be your first trade today? > > in the last couple of days, as you analyzed what happened and as the storm hit, there were kind of some absolutes in my mind about what should have happened. number one, as you close refineries along the eastern seaboard, you should have seen spikes in unleaded gasoline prices. but by the same token, if those refineries are closed, that means that the end users don't need crude. they're not going to buy crude. so that should have been very bearish, the crude oil market. the crude oil market didn't break nearly as much as i expected it to. and the other thing that i noticed is- keep in mind i trade futures. in futures, futures have contract months. the lead month is december, and you trade every single month. so presumably, you would think that the front months of crude would have weakened toward the back months of crude, bec
's tailwinds and buy an oil refinery to save money on jet fuel. larry levin of trading advantage joins us now. larry, here we are. it's the month of october. do investors have reason to be nervous or afraid of this month, which can sometimes be a bit scary? > > you know angie, if we weren't sitting a month in front of the election, then i would say yes. but with the election ahead, i believe these markets will keep going up. we dropped a little bit last week, but i think we'll find some support. buyers will come in, and i think october will pretty much be an up month. but if you took the election out of there, i would tend to agree with you. > > will china be in focus today for traders? > > i think people will lose at that certainly. we've been talking a lot about the growth slowing down, if that's what's going on there, because that's an issue, that's going to be in issue here. so certainly this week, and especially today, traders are going to watch that. > > as we face the week ahead, there's a jobs number at the end of the week. what will you be buying or selling ahead of that? > > i reall
she will likely be met by a sea of angry people. yesterday in the u.s.: a stock slide on china. stocks and commodies all fell on continued concerns of a slowdown in the chinese economy. and in m&a, principal financial is said to be ready to buy a chilean pension managing company for $1.5 billion. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring joins us now. will some eyes be on europe today mark? > > i think europe's interesting. i think everybody is waiting for the spanish regional elections on october 21st to see if after that they ask for the bailout. we've seen some real strength in the euro. i'm not sure that can last if spain asks for a bailout, and i think we're running into some technical highs on the currency. expect to see the euro drop a little bit here. > > here in the united states a lot of people are concerned about alcoa's earnings, which come out after the close and kick off the earnings parade. > > earnings cycles the last couple of cycles have been "expect the worst and get mediocre," which ends up being bullish. remember, this is a market of expectations, not of results. we'r
.t. services. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us now from cme group. we have a lot to get to today. first of all, a lot of people are concerned about this so-called black monday. as you know, sometimes there are goblins in this market during the month of october. do you think there is a crash coming our way? > > nope. > > i like that answer. > > very assertive on it. the reason being is really one thing: look at the volatility index, look at the vix. even yesterday, with the massive sell-off in the middle of the day of google, the vix barely changed. we are still trending down toward really almost its all-time lows. so anybody can go out there and just buy cheap protection in this marketplace. if there was something really imminent, really impending, we would see that number climbing up a lot faster, angie. > > let's talk about google. where do you go from here as a trader with google after what happened yesterday, that stock falling more than 8%? > > i wish i could be as assertive with this answer. we're really in no man's land right here. when i say no man's land, $700-ish is dea
of trading advantage joins us on this tuesday morning. good morning to you, and stocks turned into the comeback kid yesterday. > > it was quite a reversal. we saw the market come out of the chute yesterday morning, and then, during the day, as apple's sold off a little bit - i don't want to say that apple was negative, but we saw apple selling off midday - the market kind of followed its trend, and then all of a sudden buyers stepped back in, and boy, that last hour of trading we saw such a huge reversal in the marketplace, in the volatility, and i really think that's going to carry on to the trading day today. > > what are you seeing as far as money rotation between stocks and bonds? > > you know, with the big pullback that we saw last week, almost 3% in the last three trading days, that gave investors on the sideline or with assets elsewhere an opportunity to come back into this marketplace a little bit. i really believe that any time we see any sort of pullback, 1, 2, 3%, that's going to give these investors that have been on the sidelines, it's going to give money managers
that the stronger housing market has contributed to economic growth throughout most of the u.s. in what could be a case of bad timing, average investors are exiting the stock market in droves this year. the latest numbers show $10.6 billion was recently pulled out of u.s. stock mutual funds. that brings total outflows to more than 100 billion dollars. meanwhile, the s&p 500 has gained roughly 14% in the past 9 months. "it's timing. timing is very difficult, and, i would say for the most part people have their timing off. it's wrong, when they want to get out of the market, it's the time to get in; when they want to get in the market, it's time to get out. so i kind of look at that right now from the contrarian standpoint. and, i look at it and say if everybody wants to be out of the market, i want to be in the market." scott bauer of trading advantage adds, however, it's not a bad idea to take some profits now, with the stock market near 5- year highs. the ipo market is still hot. sears hometown began trading on the nasdaq friday under "shos." meanwhile, shares of cloud computing company work
about what's behind being accepted or rejected from a school. plus, oil production is soaring in the u.s. will it have an effect on gas prices? and, is the halloween box office a trick or a treat for movie goers? first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, october 25th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: apple comes out with earnings after the close. the stock rallied 3 dollars yesterday, but has fallen far from the $705 peak it hit back in september. the federal reserve is sticking to its economic stimulus and will keep interest rates through 2015. the fed says job growth is slow, but housing is rebounding. the fed meets again in december. a very red day, with a selloff in stocks, gold and oil. it's the 5th session in a row oil has declined. a warning from best buy sent shares tumbling 7%. the retailer warned earnings will fall siginigicantly short and a management shake-up is underway. and could it be game on for zynga? shares rallied 15% on word the social gaming company plans a $
offering us an opportunity to rebut the claims and without developing a full record. "they knew that the system was dysfunctional; they really weren't checking on quality of loans effectively. eventually this conduct and conduct by this firm and others led to the collapse of the housing market and the crash which we are still paying for today." critics question, what took so long to go after wall street? "this is just the beginning of the realization of the commitment the president made in january when he announced the formation of this working group. this is the first step. it's far from the last step." in this case, the attorney general is seeking investor damages and hopes to recoup losses. the senate is hatching a plan to avoid a looming fiscal fiasco becoming better known as "the fiscal cliff." the new york times says a group of bi- partisian lawmakers outlined a three-tiered plan to avoid automatic tax hikes set to go into effect in january. lawmakers must also lay the groundwork on a basic plan to reduce the federal deficit. the group will begin work on the plan followin
etfs could lead to big rewards. but the operative word is risk. how americans are helping the u.s. government chip away at the federal deficit. and, it could be bottoms-up for investors in a beer and wine stock. keep it here. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. monday, october 8th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: a new round of corporate earnings start up this week. overall, earnings are expected to tumble around 2% from last year. here's where we last left of on friday. stocks rallied on news the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. the dow gained, the s&p was flat, and a sell-off in apple dragged down the nasdaq. oil and gold staged dramatic pullbacks. today, platnum and gold producers will push to end a strike by south african workers over low wages. philip streible of rjo futures joins us on this monday morning. will we see a follow-through from that jobs number that came out on friday? > > that's a really interesting question. the reason why i bring that up is because the mark
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23